Tropical Wildlife Workshop in Panama

Tropical Wildlife Workshop in Panama

Wildlife Photography Workshop



Saturday, 14th March 2015


Come and enjoy one wonderful day with awarded professional wildlife photographer and learn his techniqes of taking pictures in tropical wildlife. During the day you’ll pass thru the most common photography topics – birds, close up and night photo. Petr has lots of experiences with leading his courses among hundreds of photographers in Czech republic and come to share his knowledge with Panama based photographers. In beautiful and peacefull settings of Sierra Llorona Lodge you can join all prepared sessions or just choose those you are most interested in.


$140 per person for all the sessions or choose just the sessions you wish to join
(particular pricing bellow)

Pay on arrive in cash but register in advance. Only registered photographers can join the workshop. There is not included food and/or lodging in the Sierra Llorona Lodge but both are highly recommended.



There are many ways how to make nice wildlife pictures. You can spend years of learning how those things are working. Let me help to find the shortcut and enjoy my experiences from tens of wildlife focused trips around the world tropics. I will share my knowlegde about most common composition mistakes, how to take care about details which are essential for beautiful nature photography. Learn how find unexpected angle and set up your camera to be your friend.

Session duration: 7:00 am – 8:00 am

Maximum: 10 students (10 spaces left)

Price: free


humm_02 humm_01 humm_04

Hummingbirds are very common in the gardens and especially in the Sierra Llorona garden. There are many of this tiny creatures buzzing around the sugar feeders. This is great opportunity for photographers. Forget boring pictures of hummingbirds and make step forward to creative shots. You will learn how to prepare the scene, set up your camera to get the best results and how to use natural and even decent flash light. As the garden in full of birds we can fucus to other attractive species during this morning session to get the most of your time.

Session duration: 8:15 am – 11:30 am

Maximum: 5 students (5 spaces left)

Price: 45 USD/person


01 02 03

P eople usually overlook all those tiny creatures which make tropical biodiversity so famous. Come closer and open your eyes, there are lots of lizards, snakes, frogs and all-possible-shaped insect right in your doorstep. In this session you will learn how to make memorable close up pictures with using both natural and artifical light. You will practice how to prepare easy set up to get the most from your pictures, how to use light diffusers, reflex desk and other practical elements of beautiful tropical closeup photography.

Session duration: 14:30 am – 18:30 am

Maximum: 5 students (5 spaces left)

Price: 65 USD/person


night_1 night_2 night_3

New world alive after dark. The night opens new opportunities of composition and creative vision. Different sounds, different angle of view and so many beautiful creatures are waiting for you. During night session, you will learn ho to find your object, how to arrange the scene and especially my method of creative and natural looking lighting in the dark.

Session duration: 19:00 am – 21:30 am

Maximum: 5 students (5 spaces left)

Price: 55 USD/person



  • DSLR CAMERA the manufacturer really not depends
  • TELEPHOTO LENS at least 200mm for hummingbird session
  • MACRO LENS 100 – 180mm for closeup and/or night session
  • WIDE LENS e.g. 16mm, not necessary but can be very useful for closeup session
  • TRIPOD optional but essential for sharp images with longer shutter speed
  • BALL OR GIMBAL HEAD helps you getting stronger and keep your arm relaxed
  • FLASH optionally with better beamer of diffuser

Remember this is just the recommendation. We can find the way how to get nice images from your current equipment even not a pro.