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Petr Bambousek, *1977

Peter has been fascinated by nature, dinosaurs and reptiles ever since he was a little boy. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that whilst at college his thirst for nature and exotic reptiles was quenched by successful breeding of boidae snakes which he continued for over 10 years. This however wasn’t enough for him. In 2002, Peter finally undertook his first a month-long expedition to Costa Rica that completely changed his life forever. Captivated by the magic of the tropics he continues to return to the Equator ever since as a photographic guide and as an organiser of his own specialist small-scale photographic expeditions. Since 2008 he has led over 40, mostly tropical, expeditions to such places as Borneo, where he has returned already 6 times. He has also visited and photographed four times in Panama and Belize, three times in Costa Rica and Ecuador. He also visited Madagascar and Pantanal in Brazil. He has been captivated by flora and fauna of Thailand that he has visited three times. A remote Indonesian island Sulawesi is a secret favourite of his. Between his big trips, he also loves to explore the delights of Europe.

His photographs gained recognition on a number of national and international competitions such as the Nature’s Best Photography, Bird Photographer of the Year, Czech Nature Photo, Czech Press Photo, Big Picture, Festival de L’Oiseau, Sony World Photography Awards and Reptile Nactus Awards. However, his biggest achievement by far has been the Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2015 award. The judges shortlisted 12 of his photographs into the Finals of which one was awarded the Finalist spot in the Top 5 of the Mammals category. As a result, the macaque shot from Sulawesi has become a central promotion piece of a WPY 2015 exhibition in London.
He has successfully published many of his photographs in a number of photography and nature magazines and books.  Peter has presented over 50 travel and photography oriented lectures that typically were a part of large expositions.  Furthermore, his photographs from Panama were featured in an online BBC Wildlife magazine. His collection of fine art animal photographs from various ZOOs that he created for his daughter were discovered by the UK online edition of the Daily Mail and practically swept the Internet. A number of his author exhibitions were successfully received too. The latest one, however, a unique large-format exhibition ‘Terra Viridis’ exceeded even his wildest dreams. In the meantime, his travelling exhibition ‘Nature Gems of Borneo’ aims to showcase the incredible biodiversity of the Bornean flora and fauna in contrast with drastic and thoughtless annihilation of the biotope in favour of industrialised farming of palm oil. Peter enjoys passing on his ample wildlife photographic experiences to keen enthusiasts on numerous photography workshops. Most recently he developed his own unique photo editing DVD tutorials in Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik Collection. 2018 he published brand new tutorial fully dedicated to handling and setup of Olympus E-M1 Mark II. In 2019, he is working on brand new Wildlife Photography with Olympus OMD system tutorial describing his photographic journey from photoshoot preparation at home, through on-site realisation, to post-processing and final online and print presentation.


As a keen amateur ornithologist, he is also able to easily identify over 200 bird calls in Europe, Central America and Asia. This capability is extremely helpful during his trips in the wild. In 2015, he compiled a collection of his own recordings of insects, frogs, birds and mammals onto a CD intending to bring the listeners the captivating atmosphere from the places where his photographs are being born.

Peter hopes to continue to explore the beauties of Borneo and Central America where he is set to return again in 2016. Currently, he is tuning out the final touches on yet another sound compilation of the Voices of Borneo and an e-book about Borneo that he has been working on for a few years now.


Peter lives with his family in Pribram, the Czech Republic, Europe
  • Jan Stolk

    Hello Petr, i saw your work on 500Px. Beautiful pictures. Specially the ones from the macaques. My wife and i are going on a trip to Sulawesi in june. Starting in Makassar and touring around Sulawesi and ending at Bali after 4 weeks. Do you have some good tips for me for Sulawesi. For example good guides or places. Thanks very much. Kind regards Jan Stolk, The Netherlands


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