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28 Feb 2019, Posted by Petr Bambousek in Nezařazené

2018 WIldlife Photo Contest
Animal Behavior Category Highly Commended

Leopard and Warthog, Botswana (Olympus)

2017 Czech Nature Photo
Invertebrates Category Winner

Gasteracantha Spider, Borneo (Olympus)

2018 Bird Photographer of the Year, Best portfolio winner (Olympus)

2018 Bird Photographer of the Year
Bird behavior 2nd place
Cabbot’s Tern, Florida, USA (Canon)

2018 Bird Photographer of the Year
Birds in the Environment 3rd place
Hyacinth Macaw, Pantanal, Brazil (Olympus)

2018 Nature’s Best Photography, Birds category winner, Jabiru and nest, Pantanal, Brazil (Olympus)

2018 Nature’s Best Photography, Animal category Highly Honored, Boiga, Malaysia (Olympus)

2018 International Wildbird Photo Competition, Overall winner, Great Potoo, Pantanal, Brazil (Olympus)

2017 Big Picture
Finalist in Art of Nature Category

Red-eyed Tree Frog, Kostarika (Canon)

2015 Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Finalist in Mamals Category

Reflection in Black, Sulawesi (Canon)



2017 Festival de L’Oiseau

2017 Oasis Photo Contest

2017 SIPA

2016 Czech Press Photo
People’s Choice

2016 Oasis Photo Contest
Noted work in Other animal category

2015 World Photography Award
3. place in National Award

2014 Nactus Awards
Reptile portraits category winner

2014 Nactus Awards
Scientific record category winner

2014 Czech Press Photo
2nd place Nature and Environment category

2013 Slideshow Awards
Overall winner with Pray for Borneo

2012 Sony World Photography Awards
2 photographs Commended

2009 Sony World Photography Awards
TOP 10 in Amateur category

2008 Digital Camera World Photographer
3 photographs in TOP 10

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